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Swift Market

SwiftMarket is an add-on to PlanSwift Takeoff and Estimating Software that allows construction professionals to estimate a material manufactures brand name products. SwiftMarket comes in multiple interfaces from SwiftMarket Desktop for local desktop installs and SwiftMarket online a “Cloud” solution.

Swift Market

Both SwiftMarket Desktopand SwiftMarket Online provide a material manufacture the oppotunity to strategically advertise their current product offering to the specific trades that they market too. Within SwiftMarket, Material Manufactures and Material Suppliers will have the chance to advertise and sell their product directly from with the software.

  • Advertising, product placement and branding tool for construction material manufactures.
  • Allows for product to be estimated and quickly ordered through the local material suppliers.
  • Targeted advertising through banners, product placement, and coupons
  • Sell more product direct or through a dealer network.
  • Allow for easy distribution of product manuals, installation guides, MSDS sheet(s) etc…..
  • More time is spent in front of PlanSwift versus other leading advertising channels such as Online and Magazine Ads.
  • Joint Product Promotions.
  • SwiftMarket allows Material Manufactures to sell their material through the software.
  • SwiftMarket is Free to use and view product and product Information.

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